Our primary focus is to treat each of our clients as they are our own family. We understand each person comes from a different financial background. Many are seeking guidance to help them understand “how money really works”. Others have more experience but are too busy to manage their personal finances and are looking for counsel they can trust. Wherever you may fall in this spectrum, we will take great care so you feel confident about each decision that you choose.


Our “open architecture” environment means we are not tied to any proprietary investment products. This structure allows us to work with the most appropriate manager that fit each client’s individual needs. The majority of the time this will include low cost, passive investments in a well-diversified portfolio. Research shows individuals tend to base their investment decisions more on emotion than true technical aspects of the market, significantly decreasing the performance of even the most intelligent investors over time. Our approach emphasizes discipline through various market cycles.


When you hear the word “Retirement” and everything that it includes, what do you envision? Some people think it means never working again; for others they can now spend time enjoying their favorite hobby, being involved in charity work, or more time with the grandkids. Many people consider retirement planning as only increasing their net worth. This is accomplished during your working years when you are actually creating your wealth, when we need to coordinate your monies to be sure your assets are working efficiently for you. During that time, we will also encourage you to remain focused on the next phase of your life is when you start to work fewer hours or retire all together. We can help you understand your “Exit Strategy”. Or simply, how will you make the transition to now receive income from the assets you have created? This is often overlooked and is one of the most critical areas where we can help you understand your options.


The importance of providing protection for your family, your income, or your business cannot be emphasized enough. We help ensure that your loved ones will be financially secure in case of death, disability, or extended long-term care. Together, we will evaluate the type of insurance most suitable for meeting your needs. We offer a wide array of options to help you accomplish all of your financial goals and will be sure to incorporate any costs into your overall budget. While businesses may have more specific objectives, we are capable of handling their needs as well.